Samsung Netbooks are Coming to Town

Just like the Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, come March, the much awaited Samsung netbooks will be launched here in the Philippines with much funfare. I have personally seen Samsung notebooks a long time ago, at the Samsung Philippine office. I have seen Samsung notebooks being used at the office of Samsung and I have been asking them when will these notebooks become available here in the Philippines. And almost always, the answer is “in due time”.

Well I guess March 2010 is the due time they are talking about. In a recent Samsung press conference where Samsung Philippines presented their I.T. offerings – new printers, new projectors and new monitors, one that really caught my eye was the Samsung notebook being used for the demonstration. Again, I ask them when will your notebooks be available? And I got the same answer in due time – but this time with a little twist – Samsumg said they will be launching their netbook offerings come March.

Why is this a big news? Because I know vendors, consumers and other netbook manufacturers are waiting for this launch. Why? For vendors, this will be a good opportunity for their business – an added product means an added source of revnue. For consumers it will be another product for them to check and to choose from, hoping that it would be more affordable so that they can own a netbook. And lastly, netbook manufacturers are waiting for it come for obvious reasons, another player, another competitor – and in order to win this game, you should know who your competitors – so to speak.

So what netbooks will Samsung launch this March? I will not preempt the announcement but let me tell you what they launched at CES – the Samsung N210, Samsung N220, Samsung N150, and the Samsung NB30. Samsumg Philippines officials said they will be launching two models here by March, and I will keep you in suspense which two will they release here in the country.

The significant features of these netboobs are: they will be powered by the new Intel Atom N450 “PineTrail” processor and it will come with a long battery life. According to tests, the N210 and N220 lasted 12 hours of battery life; the N150 achieved 8.5 hours and the NB30 lasted 11.5. Battery life that normally can be found in full blown notebooks particularly on ULVs and not on netbooks.

And a few months after, Samsung will launch their notebooks, I will not be surprised if Samsung will bring in their own thin and light offerings and everything they have to offer. I visited the Samsung website and found out that for netbooks alone, they already have 15 models to choose from.

But is this the real worry of their competitors, I guess there’s more to it than just introducing new products. Samsung has been known to be agressive when it comes to their marketing strategy. Remember the time when they are making a name for their mobile phones? Do you still remember how much they spent for advertising alone just to make Samsung phones a household name?

Before the end of 2009, Samsung came out with an agressive discount spree on almost all their mobile phones – for a month. The recent launch of their new products was no different, Samsung is also bundling Samsung phones to any buyers of their Samsung monitors.

In other words, Samsung can bundle a lot of their products with their new netbooks since they have a whole line of products to offer. Plus here’s another good news to all the consumers out there – the new Samsung netbooks will have a tag price of between P 20,000.00 to P 25,000.00 only.

With that kind of price bundled with a phone, or a printer or a printer or a TV perhaps – I must say it’s a deal that is hard to resist.

The curtain will be unveiled this March, let’s wait and see.

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