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Samsung Netbooks are Coming to Town

Just like the Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, come March, the much awaited Samsung netbooks will be launched here in the Philippines with much funfare. I have personally seen Samsung notebooks a long time ago, at the Samsung Philippine office. I have seen Samsung notebooks being used at the office of Samsung and I have been asking them when will these notebooks become available here in the Philippines. And almost always, the answer is “in due time”.

Well I guess March 2010 is the due time they are talking about. In a recent Samsung press conference where Samsung Philippines presented their I.T. offerings – new printers, new projectors and new monitors, one that really caught my eye was the Samsung notebook being used for the demonstration. Again, I ask them when will your notebooks be available? And I got the same answer in due time – but this time with a little twist – Samsumg said they will be launching their netbook offerings come March.
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