Most Important Technologies / Products of 2009

It’s that time of the year again where we give our annual report on the most important technologies / products for the year 2009. These are the technologies that really made an impact in the industry. Technologies that have shaped the information technology world in a way we could never go back.

First, we would like to say that the “touch user interface” is the most important technology and innovation of 2009. Look at most of the mobile phones now, notebook and netbook computers, printers, and others – all adopted the touch user interface. We expect more device to adopt this technology and we also expect it to improve more.

Next in line are the netbooks. Some of you may wonder why we included the netbooks in our list. Simple, netbooks in a way saved the local I.T. industry this 2009. At the height of the economic slowdown, sales are down – except for the netbooks. While its true that the margins are low, the sheer sales volume keeps the I.T. industry to weather the storm.

The popularity of social netwoking is something we cannot ignore this 2009. Almost everyone – be it business and/or personal are into social networking. Facebook went to become the most popular social networking site, boasting a membership of almost 400 million. Other sites that gained attention are Twitter, MySpace, Multiply, Youtube, Flickr and more.

Android is another product that made our list. Android is the mobile OS that made a lot noise this 2009, and will continue to make more noise come 2010. Most mobile manufacturers have released and will be releasing their Android powered handsets by 2010.

Making Wi-Fi available in major malls and establishments in the country is a big welcome to everyone. Free internet access will push for higher adoption of notebooks / netbooks among Filipinos. The remaining challenge now is for Filipinos to use the technology properly – hopefully to do business online or to help boost their existing business in the real world.

This 2009, we also saw the offering of unlimited texting and unlimited calls by almost all telecommunication providers. The offers provided our consumers the chance to communicate at a much lower cost. The same is happening in as far internet access is concerned – cost will also go down and unlimited data access will also be offered.

2009 also ushered in wireless printing. People can now print their documents without wires – via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can now print (without wires) from your PC / notebook to your printer or direct from the web.

The gap between netbooks and notebooks has been filled by a new category called ULVs (ultra low voltage) notebooks, or sometimes called Thin and Light notebooks. It has longer battery life, more stylish and has the portability of a netbook and the power of notebooks. Who says we can’t have the best of two worlds.

Mobile stores like the Apple AppStore, Google Market, Microsoft Marketplace, Nokia’s OviStore also gained ground this 2009. Due to the popularity of the internet and the availability of 3G and Wi-Fi access – users are now downloading applications from the web directly to their devices. We are ushering mobile commerce and this will even be more popular come 2010.

Other technologies / products worth mentioning are the eBook readers, HD LED TVs, green computing, virtualization, deduplication, security methodology and threats.

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