Jam-packed Crowd shows up for Techtutor Seminar

I just finished conducting my annual Powertips seminar, this year its called “Techtutor”. This is the main reason why I was not able to update my blogs as often as I want to.

TechTutor is a seminar designed for educators, learners, parents and experts. The objective is to discuss how new technologies particularly Web 2.0 would change the way we teach, learn, share, collaborate, communicate and participate.

Guess how many attended the event–close to 5,000 attendees.

Thank you to all of you who attended the event–for your trust, support and confidence. Thank you for making Techtutor a success. Thank you to all those who prayed for the success of the event.

Thank you to our 28 corporate partners–Apple, Advance Solutions Inc., Bayan, BenQ, Canon, CoolerMaster, Dell, Epson, Eastern Communications, Gateway, HP, Innovista, INTEL, Java Education & Development Initiative (JEDI) Project, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Philips Go Gear, PowerMac Center, Samsung, Sandisk, SAP, Smart Communications, STI, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, The Radio Partners Inc., Western Digital and WordText Systems, Inc.

Thank you to our 18 media partners who supported the event–GMA7, QTV 11, RPN 9, Jack TV, 2nd Avenue, Business World, Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin, Brainshare, Infochat, Inquirer.net, Tech Innovations, Tech and Style, 88.3, 89.1, 89.9, 99.5 and 103.5.

And to those who relentlessly tried to bring me down, to those who are spreading lies about me, to those who wants to see my professional and personal life ruined–I only have this to say to you–“Thank you”.

I told you, if you have God in your life, nothing can go wrong. You can say anything you want, I am only answerable to my one and only God.

And lastly, and the most important thing–I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the blessings. Without His grace, nothing is possible. Glory be to his mighty name. Praise God for his faithful love.

God Bless us all!

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