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Why Wait for August 22?

I got a surprise visit this afternoon from Art Samaniego, section editor of Manila Bulletin’s TechNews and TechNews 101 where my tech stories appear every Monday and Wednesday.

Art came into my office, carrying a bag with him. I thought my editor had brought something for me to review. Art gave me the bag and asked me to open the package. I opened it nonchalantly and saw an iPhone.

I asked Art what he wanted me to do with this, and his answer was one of the most surprising I have ever heard in a long while–”It’s yours,” he said.
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Ninoy Aquino and the Internet

As we commemorate the 25th death anniversary of Benigno S. Aquino Jr., I can’t help but wonder how could his fight against the dictator be had the Internet been available during his time.

Ninoy am sure will have his own blog, writing and sharing all this thoughts on what he thinks would be best for our country. Since Ninoy is a debater, a discussion forum will surely be somewhere in his websites – an open discussion about the country will be something Ninoy would enjoy.
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A Change of Mind

Globe Telecom announce their new pricing for the soon to be released iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G will be released here in the Philippines on August 22, 2008 (Friday).

For prepaid:

– iPhone 3G 8GB will be priced at P37,599 (US$836) from its initial offering of P 41,899.00 (US$931).

– iPhone 3G 16GB will be priced at P43,799 (US$973) from its initial offering of P 48,889.00 (US1086).

The new pricing will apply to all subscribers—even to those who have made reservations.
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A Price Too High

The ‘Illusive’ I of the iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G will be arriving here in the Philippines on August 22, 2008. But the excitement was doused with cold water after Globe Telecom announced the rates.

For prepaid users, the iPhone 3G is priced at P 41,899.00 while the 16GB is priced at P 48,889.00. Every iPhone Prepaid Kit is provided with P200 worth of free load every month for 5 months. Using Globe’s Time browsing rate at P5 for 15 minutes gives you as much as 10 free internet hours per month or as much as 50 free internet hours over 5 months
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