Microsoft stops paying for employees’ smartphones, unless…

Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer reimburse the monthly data service charges of employees not on Windows Mobile devices. In other words, Microsoft will not reimburse its employees who decide to use a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android-based device. This even if the employees are using the device for work purposes.

The policy took effect as part of the broader cost saving measures announced by Microsoft.

Let me just say that I understand why Microsoft made this decision. Can you imagine a company who created Windows Mobile OS and yet most of its employees uses devices the runs competing operating systems? What can I say but Ouch!

What’s a bit vague about the directives is this – Microsoft is actually paying the the data services charges, not the device acquisition. Unless its under a subsidized plan from telecommunication companies, I don’t see any reason why Microsoft is going to implement this. We can always cost-cut but not to the extent of sacrifice your employees communication efficiency.

The announcement was also an eye opener. Why do you think Microsoft employees prefer using non-Windows Mobile devices? Does it mean Windows Mobile is not ready for the enterprise?

Remember, we are not talking of the device here. Although Microsoft had a fair share of its smartphone device, the competition here involves the OS. HTC and Samsung are two phone companies that are running Windows Mobile. So in as far as the device style is concerned, I would say HTC and Samsung phones are stylish as well.

Aside from the cost-cutting measures. I think Microsoft should take a close look at why their own employees refuses to patronize their own OS. The best feedback Microsoft can get are from its own employees. Use this information to improve on the OS and create something that would be comparable or better than other OS.

For the meantime, Microsoft employees cannot do anything. Subsidizing phone charges is a privilege and not a commitment.

I have a good idea, why not buy a Windows Mobile OS device and use it for work, then use the other phones for personal use. You get the best of both worlds right?

God Bless us all!

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  1. Bernadette Delos Reyes on

    your advice/idea is the best… you get to patronize your company’s product and you can check/benchmark on the competition… also its a safety net… one is a back-up of the other

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