Maricar Reyes / Hayden Kho sex video Part 3 and more uploaded

All the while I thought the sex video scandal involving Dr. Hayden Kho will die down soon. After the Senate investigation, people seem to lose interest or perhaps most of those who are interested has seen the video already.

If you watch the news, the topic is more of one party filing a case, or who is responsible for the uploading of the videos, and others. Believe it or not, I am thankful that such a scandal is no longer the headlines of newspapers or TV. But I was wrong.

Just recently, another video of Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes surfaced on the web. They dubbed this as the Part 3 of their video. This time they are doing their thing at the sala. I won’t go into the details of what happen. Let me just say that the players in this video are more recognizable than the first two.

Not only that, I also got an email containing another link showing an actress in a very compromising situtation.

Now the reason why I am writing this article is because I am bit puzzled and surprised as to why these new videos were uploaded online despite the announcement of the National Bureau of Investigatio (NBI) that they are closing in on the identity of those individual(s) who uploaded the initial sex videos.

It’s either these individuals are crazy or foolish or they could be so smart that they’ve covered their tracks so well. Ignoring such an announcement from the NBI is like a challenge to the agency. It’s like “Catch Me/Us if you can” thing.

Our government agencies should really come up with new laws and new technologies to fight this horrendous acts. We need to learn from advanced countries how they locate the culprits.

If you think fighting crimes in the real world is hard, wait until cybercrime reaches its total maturity. What is happening now is simply the tip of the iceberg. Knowledge war is the name of the game in this information age.

God Bless us all!

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