Why Wait for August 22?

I got a surprise visit this afternoon from Art Samaniego, section editor of Manila Bulletin’s TechNews and TechNews 101 where my tech stories appear every Monday and Wednesday.

Art came into my office, carrying a bag with him. I thought my editor had brought something for me to review. Art gave me the bag and asked me to open the package. I opened it nonchalantly and saw an iPhone.

I asked Art what he wanted me to do with this, and his answer was one of the most surprising I have ever heard in a long while–”It’s yours,” he said.

Art is a known joker in the industry. He loves to crack jokes. So I ask him: “What’s the catch, boss?” And Art, with a smile on his face, said again: “It’s yours. Didn’t you hear me? I said it’s yours.”

“Why are you giving me an iPhone, sir? It’s not my birthday. Christmas is still months away.” Questions that were obviously confirming if I really was a proud owner of an iPhone.

“It’s a gift from a friend Jerry,” was what Art said. “Enjoy the iPhone, my friend,” he added, then he went back to his office. Mind you, Art’s office is in Manila, my office is in Quezon City. Art came all the way from Manila to Quezon City just to give me the iPhone.

What can I say but thank you, sir Art. Thank you for the iPhone. Thank you for being a friend.

So why wait for August 22 when I have my “Padrino”?

God bless us all!

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