Globe Duo – Two Become One?

Just recently, Globe Telecom introduces a new service called Duo, that allows unlimited calling to and from any landline number as well as unlimited calling to and from any DUO postpaid mobile subscriber. Duo is Globe’s answer to Bayantel’s Bayan Wireless Landline and PLDT’s Landline Plus, both of which require a separate, dedicated handset to work.

Let me discuss with you the rules first of Duo: Currently, its open to postpaid subscribers. Only available in NCR and Cebu only. Subscription to DUO Service is P399.00/30days on top of a Globe Plan. There is a three-month minimum subscription period and a pre-termination penalty of PHP 1,200 if you decide to quit before that time is up.

If this is the case, why don’t Globe just charged straight 1,200 rather than dividing it into three. What if the subscriber, after using it for a month decides to terminate it? The subscribers pays P399 for the 1st month, then pays another P1,200 for the termination? At the end, the subscriber pays P 1,599. Or after two months, subscribers pays P 798, then terminates it, subscriber pays the P1,200 for penalty, a total of P 1998. Why?

Once you are subscribed to Duo, you will be given your Duo Landline number. Now, your mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX). Upon activation, the following calls are rendered free of charge: DUO to any Landline calls, any Landline to DUO calls, and DUO to DUO calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates.

The advantage of Duo is you now have both your mobile and landline number in one mobile SIM which means you need to have only one phone. Unlike Bayan Wireless and PLDT Landline plus which requires a user to have a separate handset. But by saying that, if a user loses his/her phone, automatically, the user loses both his mobile and landline number.

Users should be aware that Duo to Duo toll-free calls can only be realized if both Duo users are in NCR or either in Cebu. A call from a Globe Duo to a PLDT Landline Plus is not a toll-free call. Globe Duo subscribers are charged P7.50 per minute for calls other than those made in NCR and Cebu. So do I need to text the other Globe Duo user to know if he/she is within NCR or Cebu before I make the Duo to Duo call?

One question – can someone call my Globe mobile line while I am using my Globe landline? Or can someone call me on my Globe landline when I am using my Globe mobile line? Can I shift from one call to another? Because if they cannot, then strictly speaking I only have one line at a time. Why am I asking this? Because with my dual SIM phone, people can call me on my mobile line even if I am using my landline and vice-versa. Just asking.

God Bless us all!

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