Charice and YouTube and Oprah

Some of you may find this statement unfair but Charice really has to thank technology for bringing her to where she is right now. A stranger uploaded her video to YouTube and Charice became a singing sensation. An international sensation that is.

She guested in numerous international shows like The Ellen DeGeneres show, sang with David Foster, Andrea Bocelli and more. Last September 9, Charice again guested on Oprah and she was the main guest – Charice was on air for more than 30 minutes.

Oprah showed some videos taken from YouTube that relates the hardship Charice had to go through before reaching stardom. And while doing so, the Philippines was also in the limelight.

Charice was also able to talk to international singer Celine Dion and was invited to sing with her at Celine’s concert at Madison Square Garden.

By the way, the Oprah episode signals the worldwide search of Oprah for the world’s smartest and most talented kids. So if you have a kid or know a kid who got talent, then maybe this is the chance you’re waiting for.

Congratulations Charice. Continue to make us Filipinos proud. God Bless us all!

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