A Price Too High

The ‘Illusive’ I of the iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G will be arriving here in the Philippines on August 22, 2008. But the excitement was doused with cold water after Globe Telecom announced the rates.

For prepaid users, the iPhone 3G is priced at P 41,899.00 while the 16GB is priced at P 48,889.00. Every iPhone Prepaid Kit is provided with P200 worth of free load every month for 5 months. Using Globe’s Time browsing rate at P5 for 15 minutes gives you as much as 10 free internet hours per month or as much as 50 free internet hours over 5 months

For postpaid – For plan 1599, the iPhone will be sold at P 16,800 (8GB), P 22,300 (16GB). For plan 2,199 – P 14,600 (8GB), P 20,000 (16GB). For plan 3,299 – P 12,300 (8GB), P 17,800(16GB). For plan 3,999 – P 5,600 (8GB), P 11,000 (16GB). And for plan 4,999 – FREE (8GB), P 5,500 (16GB).

There are GFLEX AND GPLAN OFFERS as well. 2-year lock-up applies.

To some the price may not be a big factor since they can afford it, but to an ordinary or even average consumer, the price is high which makes owning an iPhone 3G an ‘illusive’ device to own.

But here’s another issue, the Internet connection. iPhone 3G is not just an ordinary phone it’s a phone that was designed with Internet in mind. So an iPhone 3G without an unlimited internet connection is just like an ordinary phone. In other words, the best answer to an iPhone 3G is to have an unlimited data connection which is not offered yet by Globe Telecom.

What Globe is offering is Time browsing which is P5 for 15 minutes connection which I must say is already affordable. The problem now is that iPhone 3G will not disconnect its data connection by itself – user should manually turn off its internet connection after the user is done with its activities. What if the user forgot to turn it off? Yes you are right – the data connection charging continues.

iPhone 3G the device will have its problems – but to me Globe has a bigger problem once early adaptors troops to Globe office to complain about their huge billings due to data connectivity. And believe me, this is something none of us wants to see happening.

God Bless us all!

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