A Change of Mind

Globe Telecom announce their new pricing for the soon to be released iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G will be released here in the Philippines on August 22, 2008 (Friday).

For prepaid:

– iPhone 3G 8GB will be priced at P37,599 (US$836) from its initial offering of P 41,899.00 (US$931).

– iPhone 3G 16GB will be priced at P43,799 (US$973) from its initial offering of P 48,889.00 (US1086).

The new pricing will apply to all subscribers—even to those who have made reservations.

Prepaid will now be P37,599 for 8GB and P43,799 for 16GB. The plan comes with P1000 load spread over 5 months; that’s P200 per month. Also, the first 1,000 phonekit purchase will get P1,000 additional off (discount) on Apple iPhone 3G price.

For Postpaid subscribers:

For postpaid – For plan 1599, the iPhone will be sold at P 15,100 from P 16,800 (8GB), P 20,600 from P 22,300 (16GB). For plan 2,199 – P 12,600 from P 14,600 (8GB), P 18,100 from P 20,000 (16GB). For plan 3,299 – P 10,100 from P 12,300 (8GB), P 15,500 from P 17,800(16GB). For plan 3,999 – P 2,500 from P 5,600 (8GB), P 8,000 from P 11,000 (16GB). And for plan 4,999 – FREE (8GB), P 2,900 from P 5,500 (16GB).

There are GFLEX AND GPLAN OFFERS as well. 2-year lock-up applies.

While the announcement is a welcome to iPhone 3G fans, most still find the new prices high. One consumer said the price adjustment is no bearing. “Jobs announced the iPhone at $199, lets add the other hidden costs – perhaps it will add up to another $100 which brings the handset price to $299, which when converted to peso will result to P 13,455. They’re (referring to Apple and Globe Telecom) putting a lot of premium on the iPhone.” said the consumer I talked to.

Another consumer said “I already asked my relatives in the U.S. to buy an iPhone 3G, and have it legally unlock and send it to me, then I will just buy a Globe Prepaid SIM. I cannot understand why the iPhone 3G was priced that way.”

What I find funny and amusing here is the price adjustment. The iPhone 3G pricing was announced just a week ago and now Globe (I assumed with the blessings of Apple) lowered down the prices. If they can lower the price to its current pricing, then how come it was not offered initially at its current price? Why offer it at a higher price before? No takers or low takers perhaps? I don’t know.

At its current price, the iPhone 3G is still a phone for the elite. Majority of Filipinos still cannot afford the iPhone 3G price. I myself cannot afford it.

With the iPhone 3G pricing – it’s going to be iPhone 3G against the world here in the Philippines. I heard that other telecom providers are finalizing their offers with other branded TouchScreen devices like the iPhone 3G – with very attractive and affordable prices.

This I have to see. Will update you as soon as I get more info about the competition of the iPhone 3G here in the Philippines.

God BLess us all!

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